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September 26, 2016


Travel Management Partners as seen in: nao-logo

By David Ranii, September 24, 2016– Battelle spokeswoman Katy Delaney says she has memorized the phone number for the Raleigh-based agency’s 24/7, 365-days-a-year customer helpline.

“It’s hard traveling for business,” she said. “Adverse weather can throw things off. Security issues come up. You’re dragging around luggage and flights get canceled and you have an important client meeting.”

When those problems arise, she added, “it’s just reassuring to know when you’re out there on the road that you can call (TMP) and they’ll take care of you.”

“If they lose a client, it’s because it got bought by another company,” said Don Swartz, managing director of CTBR, a travel consulting firm in Florida.

Elanah Abrams, office services manager for Durham advertising agency McKinney, has been a TMP client since 2011.

“They work in the same way we do where you dig in and get to know (the client) you’re going to be working with, you identify their pain points, and deliver that really personal touch,” she said.

Corporate travel agencies are still feeling the after-effects of the airlines’ decision in the 1990s to scrap commissions. Although TMP has always worked under a fee arrangement, most agencies back then were built around commissions.

Terminating commissions, said Swartz, has led to “hundreds of consolidations over the past 15-plus years and many more closures” among corporate travel agencies. However, he added, the corporate travel agencies that have survived are by and large more profitable than ever.

For example, like many corporate agencies today, TMP offers a security service that enables it to track, whenever a terrorist event or natural disaster erupts anywhere in the world, whether a customer’s employees are in the vicinity and other pertinent information – such as where they’re staying, when they’re leaving and how to evacuate them. Other services include providing detailed analyses of travel spending and offering a mobile flight status system that covers all airlines, making it easy for travelers who have to switch en route from, say, Delta to Air France.

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