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February 15, 2017

Travel Management Partners as seen in:


By Dane Huffman, February 3, 2017– Raleigh’s Travel Management Partners is no stranger to the travel game. President and CEO John W. Lewis has been involved in corporate travel since decades ago, when he lived in Baltimore. He moved to Raleigh and started TMP in 1994 with nine people. It now has 118 employees and customers across the nation.

The company now does more than $350 million annually in total sales volume, up from $40 million in 1994 placing them in the top 20 travel management companies in the nation.

One part of the business that is growing, and rapidly, is what the industry refers to as “duty of care.” That’s the concept of employers doing all they can to track their employees and let them know of any problems while they are traveling. That includes not only weather-related events such as hurricanes, but, increasingly, violent eruptions.

Lewis says TMP has helped its clients track employees for years. But he wanted more, so TMP launched a web-based product that allows travel managers to track employees easily. The dashboard of the reporting tool shows where all the traveling employees are located, their travel schedules, and whether the employees are in, or headed toward dangerous locations.

The feeds are pulled from sources such as the U.S. State Department and other official sources as well as media outlets.

Lewis says that only a few years ago, about 10 percent of his clients were using the duty of care product. Now that number is over 30 percent – and rising rapidly. “It will help us secure long-term relationships with existing and future clients,” he said.

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