Modern Tools for Modern Travel



technologyTMP’s substantial investment in technology allows us to customize products and services that positively impact our clients’ travel management experience. Success is not just about strategy, process and new technology. Without passionate leaders and teams driving innovation, many companies fail to deliver. TMP’s organizational and cultural expertise removes the organizational challenges that slow down transformation, enabling our leaders to make a lasting impact for all of our travel clients.

Travel Management Partners technological portfolio includes:

Trakker™: Our proprietary MIS reporting system, Trakker™ provides timely, accurate and client driven travel analysis that is integral to the ongoing success of any corporate travel program.

Booking Builder: Through Booking Builder, every TMP travel agent has instant access to 63 travel internet sites, making it easy to book the lowest fares possible with the click of a button, passing along the benefits associated with a comprehensive pricing environment to each of our clients.

GetThere™: Created by the pioneers of the online booking industry, GetThere™ offers an affordable, easy to use yet sophisticated technology platform for small to medium sized corporations who need to book corporate travel online with the simplicity of booking travel for pleasure.

Concur®: Concur Travel is the world’s premier global travel booking tool that delivers the broadest travel content available through an intuitive web-based interface. The only voice-automated solution on the market, Concur Travel delivers remote access to travel itineraries without the need for agent support or internet access.

FlightStats: Utilizing the FlightStats platform, TMP delivers real-time and historical flight information that lowers travel-related costs and improves the travel experience.

Prime Analytics: Our corporate benchmarking tool, Prime Analytics is an excellent complement to our technology portfolio. It quickly identifies the strengths and opportunities of a business travel program by gathering real-time data from many different companies to establish and reinforce corporate travel program goals.

CorpProfiler™: TMP’s proprietary web based product, CorpProfiler™ allows travelers to securely log into the system at any time and make modifications to their profile information. These changes are automatically updated in the GDS immediately upon saving and are synchronized with our other online booking tools.