Proven Cost Savings


Cost Savings

valueWe know that while employee travel is a critical component of virtually every company’s business strategy and budget, controlling the cost of travel can be quite challenging. Fortunately, since business travel is one of the largest controllable expense categories, it’s an area which offers huge potential for cost reduction and avoidance. TMP’s extensive knowledge of the travel industry allows us to implement “best in class” strategies to save our clients’ money using such tactics as creative purchasing, aggressive supplier negotiations, technology application, policy compliance and more.
TMP will custom-tailor cost savings solutions specifically to your account, in conjunction with your travel team. Key program objectives are established with mutually agreed upon savings targets and methods to measure and achieve them, then incorporated into a formal cost reduction plan.

We offer a set of integrated solutions designed to support key savings goals and meet the most critical business objectives of each customer:

  • Lowest Fare Management Including Webfares
  • Global Pricing Specialists
  • Travel Policy Review & Compliance Dashboards
  • Powerful Web-Based Reporting & Analytics
  • Leveraged Supplier Negotiations
  • Cost Avoidance Strategies
  • Over 60,000 Deeply Discounted Hotel Properties • Supplier Evaluation, Sourcing & Benchmarking
  • E-ticket Tracking & Recovery
  • Online Booking Tool Adoption
  • Expense Management Solutions

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