Meeting The Specialized Needs Of CRC’s


Government Travel

knowledgeWhile there are a multitude of travel management companies operating throughout the United States, very few have the expertise required to fully support the exacting travel requirements of Cost Reimbursable Contractors (CRC’s). Travel Management Partners (TMP) has uniquely serviced these highly specialized needs for over 25 years and today handles more travel for DOE Labs than any other travel management company in the country. With offices throughout the United States, TMP’s client list, capabilities and service scope extends worldwide.

Our portfolio of corporate services includes all of the critical items your company needs, like a wholly-owned 24-hour emergency hotline, negotiated air, car and hotel discounts, comprehensive travel reporting, risk management solutions and the latest technologies to enhance traveler service and drive down costs. But what makes TMP so special is how close we are to our customers, offering exceptional program management and customized solutions to everyday problems. No cookie cutter approaches here.

  • Over 25 years of expertise with DOE and CRC Clients
  • 100% 10-year client retention rate
  • Proven skill set within FAR / FTR
  • Duty of Care / Risk Management technlogy
  • Strong focus on customer service and cost saving opportunities
  • Dedicated agent staffing

By utilizing the most innovative travel analytics technology available, our governmental clients realize the maximum value for each travel dollar spent, from the initial reservations process through the reporting and analysis of travel data. As one of the largest privately held travel management companies in the country, TMP has created governmental travel services that are truly the best in their class.

Travel Management Partners Governmental Clients can expect:

  • Highly competitive GSA Pricing
  • 24/7 booking capability
  • Around the clock emergency and after hours service
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Global service capabilities