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Corporate Travel

Travel Management Partners delivers unparalleled corporate travel solutions that advance the business goals of the companies we serve. The very core of our business is to design corporate travel programs that strategically meet the unique demands of each of our clients. We partner with you to creatively manage your corporate travel needs so that you can focus on strengthening the global competitiveness of your business.

Client Customization

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service has allowed us to grow into one of the largest travel management companies in the nation, with service to over 120 countries worldwide through our partnership with the Hogg Robinson Group. Our travel programs are crafted around each client’s specific needs, with an emphasis on high level customer service and maximum cost avoidance. A dedicated account manager is assigned to each of our clients to provide around the clock support and attentive customer care. This in-house support enables us to immediately respond to the needs of travelers worldwide at any time of the day.

Budget Savvy Solutions

Shrewd vendor negotiation skills paired with the use of our cutting-edge proprietary technologies ends the need for our clients to sacrifice low costs for exclusive customer service. Online travel reservation tools, benchmarking and analytic reports, and a traveler profile manager allow us to design the most efficient travel program for your company while protecting your bottom line, guaranteeing exceptional value for your travel expenses. Our innovative use of technology includes:

An intuitive online employee booking program designed around an affordable yet sophisticated platform that makes booking for business as simple and personalized as booking for a leisure trip.

Concur Travel
The world’s only voice activated global travel booking tool that delivers remote access to travel itineraries without the need for agent support or internet access.

Prime Analytics
One of the largest benchmarking databases in the industry, this reporting system quickly identifies the strengths and opportunities of your business travel program by gathering real-time data from several different companies.

This secure web based program gives travelers access to the system at any time to modify their travel profiles, which are immediately updated and synchronized with our other online booking tools.

Benefits available to every TMP Corporate Partner include:

  • 24/7 travel security information
  • Automated itinerary quality assurance
  • Around the clock emergency service worldwide
  • Low cost airfare guarantee
  • Online booking and reservations
  • On demand travel program analytics
  • Real time flight information